Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Road Trip!

Wonderful trip to Mendocino last week to visit my friend Susan Maeder for some girl time, walks at Big River, inspirational conversation, lots of laughs and even some yoga. The weather was remarkable and provided spectacular views the entire time. Here is what Shasta looked like on the drive down. The most majestic I've ever seen it. Covered in snow, unobscured and the light just right.

Then on to Mendocino where the weather was also glorious. Perfect. Interpreted through the Hipstamatic photos below to show the true brilliance of the day.
Spring has definitely arrived in Mendocino

My glamorous friend Susan posing on redwood burl bench.
The fabulous retreat at Chez Maeder. Perfect house in the woods.
Enough said...
And then after three wonderful days, an unbelievably beautiful drive home along the coast and up Highway 101. The Northern California coast is truly breathtaking on a clear, crisp day.
Looking north in Westport

And now back home, I feel reinvigorated and inspired. Ready to dive back into creating art and reading, reading, reading!

Another Collage

My latest beeswax collage. Still experimenting with layers of colors, patterns and textures. More muted neutral colors on this one.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Final Beeswax Collage

Here is the finished piece I started yesterday.  I did something different this time. I created the entire piece without a central focal point or image, using only strips of different papers and colors, creating layers and transparencies . I love all the textures and movement.
Detail of the top area
Detail of the bottom half

Monday, February 4, 2013

More Mixed Media Landscapes

These are the first ones I did with Lucie. I've also included 2 of the ones she did when we were together.

I cut the last two into smaller pieces, creating a couple of postcards (including the one I sent to Jane Davies for her Save The Post Office campaign.

And here are Lucie's beautiful paintings.

Mixed Media Landscapes

The first creations in my newly reorganized studio using the technique Lucie Duclos showed me. I love this process because in the end, even if the whole picture isn't working, you can cut it apart and make smaller pieces that look really good. This is my first undertaking with acrylic paints. So much to learn about color and mixing and techniques. Very exciting. This exercise a great place to start!

My favorite of the three.

A Little Spiritual Help

One of my guidebooks for this year of discovery, exploration and change...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Studio is Ready to Go!

Finally finished clearing, cleaning and reorganizing my studio. Taa Daa! Time to get those creative juices flowing.