Friday, October 18, 2013

A Few More Pieces

Here are a couple of additional pieces I've been working on. Just got back from a week in the Loire Valley and I worked on these when I got back.  

This first piece is in my favorite palette using many pieces from things I've found while in France as well as other bits from my collage stash. I think it's finished; at least it's finished for now...

Below is a piece I did and realized I didn't like. The piece in the middle wasn't right--too big, not the right colors; it just looked stuck on. So I went back and reworked it. It's still not finished but moving in a better direction. I like the Cubist feel and I'm trying to work with that.


And this is another spread from my collage journal experimenting with some brighter color.

Having fun doing art (most days...). I can't believe I have to leave this incredible place in two weeks.