Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Gypsy Journals

Here are the finished Gypsy Journals I made using the art I posted a couple of weeks ago. They've been bound and hand-trimmed and each one has 48 pages. 40 of the pages are blank acid free drawing paper and the other 8 are pages from old booklets, old graph paper and color paper, pages from vintage pamplets and calendars, etc. I call them "random pages"–just a few fun surprises throughout the book.  The inside front and back covers are parts of geological or marine maps and the back inside cover has a library pocket for biz cards or notes or whatever. I'm planning to sell them in the gift shop at during my show (which opens March 3rd, BTW) but I've also put them on Etsy for $34 each. No two are alike but I can always make additional ones in similar palettes. The idea for these came from long-time friend and creative muse Lucie Duclos Thanks for the inspiriation Lucie.

I do love making them even though they are quite time intensive! Thinking about working on another batch this weekend.