Friday, September 27, 2013

France So Far

Well I've been here in the beautiful Lot Valley for almost three weeks and I have yet to post anything! I have been completely overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. The weather has run the gamut from cold and rainy, cool and overcast to hot and sunny. I have taken so many photographs to try and capture the lush panoramas but it is impossible to get a sense of the expansiveness without being here. And of course I intended to blog every week to keep up with all my wonderful experiences and photos but here I am, three weeks in and just now making an appearance.

So I decided to concentrate on posting my art journey here and get to the rest of my experiences when I can. I have been painting and making collage. I have a little "studio" set up at one end of the long wooden table in the kitchen of our gîte at Fraysse Haut. I've mostly been trying to experiment with different things, working on some of the painting/collage pieces that are near and dear to my heart, but also trying to just put paint and/or paper on paper and try to push myself a little more our of my comfort zone. So here's my artistic journey so far.

Here's my creative corner that I set up when we first arrived.

My little art supply area.

With works in progress.

This is a collage I started at home and finished here.

The next two are pieces I worked on here using some things I found at local brocantes and vide greniers.

Next are a couple of spreads from my collage journal.

A Study in Blue

Here is a collage landscape and an abstract painting with collage playing with neutrals (inspired by Jane Davies).

 No. 17

So that's where I am as of today. Some are finished pieces, some I'm not sure and some just experiments. Working to broaden my scope, my techniques and my overall creative dexterity. Also encouraging myself to actually paint more to get more comfortable with using paint and color (even though I still love my neutral palette). I find I'm still focusing on "finished work" more that I want to so I keep pushing myself to try different things and loosen up! I also have a new 23 year old friend named Judith who is joining me several days a week to work on her own artistic creations. That is giving me additional perspective as well!

Alors, à bientôt et à la prochaine!