About Me

I have always been drawn to the Cubist works of Georges Braque with their muted, neutral palettes, and their soft edges bumping up against hard ones; with their sense of movement, geometrics and fractured representation of reality. I use many of these elements in my own work, but for me, it’s more about reconstructing than deconstructing. Taking fragments and connecting them, no matter how disparate, to create meaning as part of an integrated whole. I use bits and scraps I have collected, and continue to collect, over many years and many journeys—each with it’s own small story. I add my own hand-made collage papers as well as paint and hand-drawn marks to fill out the spaces. Then, when each collection of images is complete, with all its layers and veils, it has its own unique tale to tell.

I bring a sense of nostalgia to my pieces through the use of vintage materials and soft colors. Just as the walls of old buildings reveal their history through layers of worn paint, tattered wallpaper and faded posters, my collage paintings use layers of color, texture and paper pieces to create a glimpse of the past emerging into the present. Like a free associative mosaic or quilt, I add one element at a time, overlapping images that obscure some areas while exposing others. This allows the composition to reveal itself piece by piece like an inner landscape of dreams and memories.

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