Thursday, May 29, 2014

Au Revoir!

Well Sunday I'm off to the Lot Valley in France to spend 7 weeks painting, exploring the countryside and local villages and laughing, eating and drinking with friends. I made some gypsy journals to bring as gifts. While I'm there I'll be on the lookout for all sorts of fun scraps and papers to add to my collection. And I'll be sure to post some of my favorite finds and adventures so stay tuned.

For my friends in France. I sure hope
they don't see them here on my blog before I arrive!

Monday, May 12, 2014


Here is a collection of things I've been working on based on the art I've been doing. They will all be available at Vintage Garage in Tahoe City  in the next week or so.

Below are a selection of hand-made journals that I'm calling "gypsy journals" since they are made from found and recycled materials and no two are alike. The inside has 18 pages—mostly blank paper (some different colors) but a few fun pages are thrown in for amusement or doodling or whatever; things like pages from old recipe pamphlets, grid paper, poetry, music, etc.

Here's a couple of packets of hand-made postcards. Send them to friends or frame them; each one is different.

And here's the products wrapped all packaged up and ready to go—the hand-painted postcards, packets of 6 printed postcards with details from my beeswax collages and the gypsy journals.

In addition to these offerings there will be a selection of my beeswax collage letters (see earlier post). So out into the world they go! I hope they get a warm reception. Let me know what you think.